• A bit of a different track this week as CK Goldiing guests on a two-hour special to talk about his #100musicians project. Read More
  • DeeJayOne's James joins Neil Hargreaves for a look at Sheffield Wednesday forum Owlstalk and its bizarre users in this new podcast episode made especially for Read More
  • James is back joining Luke for this weeks’ The Sqweek! More new music, more discussion of the weeks’ news and more silly conversation! Read More
  • The legendary Faith Shaughnessy steps in as guest presenter joining Luke this week because James is being a big girly man-flu beast. She knows nothing Read More
  • Alright everybody! Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Luke and James are joined in the Sheffield Live studio by a Sheffield music stalwart; gigger, promoter, podcaster, Read More
  • Alex Piearcey of electronic dance duo Resonate joins Luke and James in the Sheffield Live studio for a specially extended 2-hour edition of The Sqweek! Read More
  • Mince pies all round! Luke and James return to the Sheffield Live! radio studio for the pre-Christmas episode of The Sqweek! Read More
  • Neil Hargreaves joins Luke and James in the Sheffield Live! radio studio for two hours of high-concept radio, anarchy, fun, laughing - oh, and a little Read More
  • Luke and James return to the Sheffield Live studio for an hour of discussing the week’s events and excellent new music, whilst the studio falls Read More
  • The Sqweek podcast is back with a regular one-hour show of talking nonsense about stuff that has happened this week whilst featuring great up-and-coming music. Read More
  • 1 A Hundred Musicians' Sandwich: CK Goldiing joins Luke and James for a special The Sqweek!
  • 2 James features on new Sheffield Wednesday fans based Owlstalk podcast: Listen now!
  • 3 Bowie, Big Brother and Bailey Street. It's episode eleven of The Sqweek with James and Luke!
  • 4 You gotta have Faith! The show must go on so Faith Shaughnessy stands in for James on The Sqweek
  • 5 Carl Maloney drops in for a special 2-hour episode of The Sqweek: Bros Fans and Cat Bagpipes!
  • 6 Track thirteen goes missing in the eighth episode of The Sqweek podcast!
  • 7 Mince Pies and Christmas Spirits! Episode 7 of The Sqweek podcast is now available!
  • 8 Fruity Cures and Visual Radio: The Sqweek Episode 6 featuring Neil Hargreaves!
  • 9 The Sqweek Episode 5: Lenny Henry's Calypso Twin, Holding the fort and more...
  • 10 The Sqweek Podcast episode 4: Black Fridays and Leftover Chocolate
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October Drift's 'You Are, You Are' lyric video
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October Drift's You Are, You Are' lyric video!

The band seemingly everybody is talking about premiere their new song 'You Are, You Are' via lyric video. Plus, check out where you can see this exciting band live in May!

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Rocksmith 2014

Can you learn guitar in just 60 days?

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October Drift Tour
October Drift hit the road

2015's breakout must-see live act support new single release with special shows.

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