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Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

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DeeJayOne is a trading name of Social Sheffield Limited.

The DeeJayOne website is owned and operated by Social Sheffield Limited, a UK limited company. We are incorporated in England, and our registered company number is 08550020. Our registered office address is 303 Kingswood Hall, Sheffield, S6 1RN.

Our Terms and Conditions, shared across our website entities, are available at and Privacy Policy is available at

Specific Terms and Conditions relating to the DeeJayOne Track Uploader are available at

The terms of the DeeJayOne Track Uploader are in addition to the website Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the website Terms and Conditions and the DeeJayOne Track Uploader Terms, then the DeeJayOne Track Uploader Terms shall prevail.

DeeJayOne Uploader

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DeeJayOne Track UploaderWe want to hear your brilliant music! I'm constantly on the lookout for that next awesome sound to feature on the site or in a future podcast. Send us your music to listen to using the simple DeeJayOne Track Uploader!