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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 11:33

LIVE STREAM: DeeJayOne gaming on Twitch!

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Watch live video from DeeJayOne on

Watch live stream gaming video from DeeJayOne on Twitch. James plays a variety of games, mostly on PS4, such as The Last of Us (and Factions), Grand Theft Auto V, Uncharted 4, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Driveclub, Batman: Arkham Knight, Until Dawn, P.T., Star Wars: Battlefront, Rocksmith 2014, and more!

Also, check out the archive of gaming videos on the DeeJayOne YouTube Channel!

Note: Live stream will load in player above when available. Archives of recent streams and highlights are available at the DeeJayOne channel on Twitch: Follow the channel for updates on the Twitch website and in twitch apps. Certain streams are archived at the DeeJayOne YouTube Channel too - make sure you subscribe there!