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DeeJayOne guests on the Reyt Good Music podcast with Carl Maloney! Discover more great new music...

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Reyt Good Music podcast episode 22, feat. James Hargreaves from The Sqweek/DeeJayOne Reyt Good Music podcast episode 22, feat. James Hargreaves from The Sqweek/DeeJayOne Reyt Good Music

James recently took the time out to search out some new music with Carl Maloney for the Reyt Good Music podcast. Give it a listen here!

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Reyt Good Music has been on the Sheffield scene for a while now, putting on excellent gig nights at venues across the city like The Washington, Frog & Parrot, Mulberry Tavern and Yellow Arch.

Headed up by former Seven Hills guitarist and all-round lovable scamp Carl Maloney, Reyt Good Music has a commitment to local (and non-local) musicians, constantly introducing new crowds to the fantastic offerings of the scene.

One such outlet for his vision of promoting the musical future is the monthly Reyt Good Music podcast. A pleasurable journey through bands and artists Carl and friends have uncovered in that period and that they want to share with you, the descerning listener.

For episode 22 of this audio journey, Carl enlisted (read: kidnapped) James Hargreaves of DeeJayOne and the weekly radio show/podcast The Sqweek (which Carl has guested on himself!) to join in the fun. Don't worry, the music takes precident here - its not all waffling on about mince pies and death!

Give it a listen, and discover brilliant music from:

  • THE SSS: The One You Need.
  • NGOD: Blue
  • Types: Combination One
  • Ethan + The Reformation: Hollandia
  • Black Mamba Fever: Feeling the Strain
  • The Jade Assembly: Soul Diva
  • Factory Reasons: Rise Up
  • Four Authors: Fire Fire


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