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OWLSTALK's Sheffield Wednesday Podcast returns with episode 4: Terry Butcher's 'Terry's Butchers'

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Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast

Wanna hear an impression of Tom Hardy doing an impression of Reggie Kray? Well you're in luck, because that is what a Sheffield Wednesday based podcast is missing, right?

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We perpetuate the non-existent podcast wars against The Wednesday Week (we love them all really - we're all Wednesday aren't we!) whilst harassing each other with videos on Facebook.

The Big Quiz Question of the week is based around naming bald Wednesday players, after a topic in the Dressing Room section of the Owlstalk website was asking why bald people wear plasters on their heads (do they??).

The stunned brummie was a popular video on Owlstalk this week after the SWFC match against Birmingham City, so we chat a little about that. We also listen to a piece of golden audio from BBC Radio Sheffield's Football Heaven where Jamie literally laughs at Sheffield United.

We also talk a little about Terry Butcher's Terry's Butchers - a butcher shop where Terry Butcher goes to buy his Terry's Chocolate Oranges.

The questions for the Owlstalk podcast are a bit rubbish this week (come on guys, improve it!) so we skim over that.

We also ban some people from listening to our professionally produced podcast (we are propa pros n dat, innit!) because it apparently isn't good enough for them (breaking news: it isn't supposed to be the most professional thing in the world, because, well, its an Owlstalk thing...)!

And of course we revisit the ever-popular Steve's updates thread...

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About Owlstalk The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast:

Every day thousands of Sheffield Wednesday fans come together to discuss all things about the Owls, and then more random subjects.

As the biggest, busiest and best SWFC forum with many different diverse viewpoints there is always plenty to talk about, and that is what we try to do in the Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast!

Sometimes we have to put the football to one side and talk about the people that make our club and community what it is: the fans.

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