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Monday, 22 February 2016 12:59

OWLSTALK's Sheffield Wednesday Podcast is going on the piss with Chansiri in the latest episode!

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Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast

The Owlstalk: Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast is back with a brand new episode to brighten up your week following a small loss at Preston.

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Admit it, you missed us last week!

We take a look at how people's moods swing following an SWFC loss, demonstrated by the 'post a pic to sum up how you feel about Sheffield Wednesday right now thread.

A group of girls sing at the Owls' chairman Dejphon Chansiri away at Preston and become 'internet famous' in the process. Is it embarrassing?

Neil shows off his impressionist skills and admits he isn't wearing any pants whilst recording these professionally produced podcasts.

More questions come in from Owlstalk users, and we hear about how Neil cried when James put him in a headlock.

We have giddy fingers, find out about the new 4DX experience at Cineworld Cinemas, a crazy amount of bizarre 1970s radio adverts and find out which people were honest when asked about who their Wednesday heroes were whilst growing up...

Plus: we find out who is being a tosser in the Politics section (in James' opinion) and who has been asked out on a date by PM.

And of course we revisit the ever-popular Steve's updates thread...

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About Owlstalk The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast:

Every day thousands of Sheffield Wednesday fans come together to discuss all things about the Owls, and then more random subjects.

As the biggest, busiest and best SWFC forum with many different diverse viewpoints there is always plenty to talk about, and that is what we try to do in the Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast!

Sometimes we have to put the football to one side and talk about the people that make our club and community what it is: the fans.

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