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Fruity Cures and Visual Radio: The Sqweek Episode 6 featuring Neil Hargreaves!

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The Sqweek Episode 6: Fruity Cures and Visual Radio The Sqweek Episode 6: Fruity Cures and Visual Radio The Sqweek

Neil Hargreaves joins Luke and James in the Sheffield Live! radio studio for two hours of high-concept radio, anarchy, fun, laughing - oh, and a little bit of music and the usual stuff!

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Is a grapefruit with a cherry on top a viable cold and flu cure? What does a 'suggestive lunge' look like? Can a radio show survive when the presenters and guests end up uncontrollably laughing at themselves for about 50% of it? Find out with this week's episode of The Sqweek!

We also talk about the Craig Charles Funk and Soul night at Plug, Donald Trump's crazy statements, Rocking for Refugees, Setting up a band without the band members knowing about it, Carl Maloney's past and much more...

New music from:

  • FOUR AUTHORS - Follow You
  • FIZZY BLOOD - I'm No Good
  • JOHNJO KEEN - Forever Glow
  • DEADSET DREAM - The Fall
  • ROAMING SON - History of Violence
  • SEVEN HILLS - Me Then You

Thanks to DMF Digital for providing tracks from Fizzy Blood and Deadset Dream this week.

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This episode of The Sqweek was first broadcast on Sheffield Live! radio on Sunday 13/12/15.

THE SQWEEK: Taking a look at the week’s news and trying to make sense of it all by finding the funny side of it.

Join your hosts Luke Crofts and James Hargreaves for an irreverent chat about current events, interspersed with the very best up and coming local music.

Tune in every Sunday from 2pm on Sheffield Live radio 93.2fm or online at

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