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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:24

Mince Pies and Christmas Spirits! Episode 7 of The Sqweek podcast is now available!

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The Sqweek Episode 7: Mince Pies and Christmas Spirits The Sqweek Episode 7: Mince Pies and Christmas Spirits The Sqweek

Mince pies all round! Luke and James return to the Sheffield Live! radio studio for the pre-Christmas episode of The Sqweek!

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This week we narrowly avoid too much Adele chat, but do talk about The X Factor final and how it is seemingly manipulated. Also discussed are the new Star Wars film (no spoilers because neither of us have seen it yet!), massive bags of crisps, Taylor Swift’s apparent artistry hypocrisy, being charged to fall over and more!

Luke manages to put away three mince pies getting into the spirit of Christmas and DJ Skii tells us about his love for this time of year…

New music from:

  • O CAPTAIN - Half Life
  • PUPPET REBELLION - Chemical Friends
  • NO HOT ASHES - Goose
  • LiVVO - You

This episode of The Sqweek was first broadcast on Sheffield Live! radio on Sunday 20/12/15.

THE SQWEEK: Taking a look at the week’s news and trying to make sense of it all by finding the funny side of it.

Join your hosts Luke Crofts and James Hargreaves for an irreverent chat about current events, interspersed with the very best up and coming local music.

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