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Carl Maloney drops in for a special 2-hour episode of The Sqweek: Bros Fans and Cat Bagpipes!

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The Sqweek Episode 9: Bros Fans and Cat Bagpipes The Sqweek Episode 9: Bros Fans and Cat Bagpipes The Sqweek

Alright everybody! Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Luke and James are joined in the Sheffield Live studio by a Sheffield music stalwart; gigger, promoter, podcaster, presenter, guitarist, comedian, actor and whatever else he can get his hands into: Mr. Carl Maloney!

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Its yet another special 2-hour extended episode, so grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

Largely forgetting much of what has happened in the news this week, we talk to Carl about the gigs he puts on, the Sheffield (and wider) music scene and his background.

We also discover that Carl is a Bros fan, he plays his cats like bagpipes to make them meow and listen to some excellent music submitted by bands and artists (just like you can if you have some recorded music: get in touch!).

New music from:

  • KONG - Fake Tan and Desperation
  • DANNY PIETNIK - Isabelle
  • JOE CARNALL JNR (MILBURN) - Storm In A Teacup
  • ADRIAN CARTER - Modern Fog
  • EARLY CARTOGRAPHERS - The Fall of the House of our Idols
  • NO HOT ASHES - Smooth
  • DANNY PIETNIK - Lines in the Sand

This episode of The Sqweek was first broadcast on Sheffield Live! radio on Sunday 03/01/16.

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