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A Hundred Musicians' Sandwich: CK Goldiing joins Luke and James for a special The Sqweek!

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The Sqweek Episode Twelve: A Hundred Musician's Sandwich with CK Goldiing The Sqweek Episode Twelve: A Hundred Musician's Sandwich with CK Goldiing The Sqweek

A bit of a different track this week as CK Goldiing guests on a two-hour special to talk about his #100musicians project.

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In July 2015, CK Goldiing embarked on a personal challenge to photograph 100 different musicians in London, with just a few quid in his pocket and a camera in hand.

In return for the photoshoot, the artists were asked to pay whatever they liked, in order for CK to survive on his journey. If he ran out of money he would have to come home and would have failed his challenge.

We catch up with CK on his return to Sheffield to see how he got on as well as discuss various other things that have happened in the week. It is also a triumphant return to the Sheffield Live studio for CK, who presented the breakfast show on the station almost 15 years ago!

Also: we debate the correct way to say ‘sandwich’ for a lot longer than is necessary and feature music from some of the highlights of CK Goldiing’s #100musicians journey.

This week's music (chosen by CK from his journey!):

  • DEZMOND MEEKS - Its what you do (with what you got)
  • CLARA BOND - Promised Land
  • DANNY TOEMAN - That Sinking Feeling
  • JOE GARVEY - No Good
  • REWIRE - Born To Lose
  • FOUR AUTHORS - Follow You
  • THE MONDAY PROJECT - The Waiting Game
  • VANESSA FORERO - Heaven Knows

This episode of The Sqweek was first broadcast on Sheffield Live! radio on Sunday 24/01/16.

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